Thursday, July 24, 2008

Update 3

Hey Everyone!

We have played Wales, Sweden, and other USA teams. The weather has been awesome. Always sunny and dry (I think I got a sunburn today.) We have lost every game except the ones played today which we tied and won. Tomorrow we have a by, a win without playing, then we play another USA team. if we win we go to finals to play Sweden again. If we lose, we lose. I am in great shape, although I pulled two muscles and am a little sore I can still play well. The altitude hasn't effected me and I have been playing very well. My team is ok. We have a few strong players, a few weak players, and an awful player.

Mom, Grandma Goof told you that it would drive you nuts not to know what I have bought and that is just one other thing I can grate on you and you can talk me out of, so you can see what I have bought when I unpack. I will tell you that I have bought everyone presents (Larry, Dad, Grandmas, Cousins, Gramps, and you.) I haven't had to play an official game in the rain yet so I have not bought sweats. Today, we went to the beach. Then, my friend, Kate, and I went up to a food place thing and ordered a sandwich. We sat and sat and sat. Then, we paid and didn't eat. We had to leave so we didn't get food. Does it really take 45 minute to make a sandwich. So we played on an empty stomach, then got a slice of pizza. The game before last I got to play Rover. Rover is the position where you may go anywhere on the feild. My coach much really think I am good. The last game I was angry because I did not get any playing time in the field, but I am beetter. Ha. Yesterday we went shopping. guess what I got. A single thing. It will surprise you and that is one of the reasons I got it. Hint: Mom, you will have to fix it up a little for me. My roommate is 14. She hurt her knee and the trainer doesn't think anything is wrong with it. I have been writing in my journal except last night because I was very tired and I was not in the mood to listen to my roommate. The bike ride was great. The weather was awesome, sunny. my knee didn''t bother me until today when both bother me, but I will live. I want a bike like these. They are so smooth. Holland is great. The cheese tour was cool. I got to sample most of the cheese. they had really old cheese. I tried cheese that was like 5 years old. No flavor! I have not had to get money from an ATM yet and I have about 47 euros. I have not used my VISA card yet and I am not planning to until I absolutely need to. Got to go. I will try to get you soon and Larry, I will see what I can do about the food items. By the way, Wales is really nice and they have the coolest accent.


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pLiverchunks said...

Hey Ash! I am super excited for you, and jealous that I didn't get to come! But I'm so happy that you get to do everything that you are getting to do! I am just so excited to hear about what you are doing!!!!! sorry I haven't gotten to write lately, I've been w/out internet for a while. But when I did read, I got soo excited!!!
luv ya, keep having fun!!!