Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'm Totally Bummed!

I'm so upset that I missed your call. I'm glad you were able to talk to Daddy, but I'm jealous! You sound happy. I'm glad you are having fun.

Use sunscreen - you don't want skin cancer.

Did you swim at the beach? Was the water cold?

Where is Kate from? Have you guys had your dance yet? So far, your money situation is ok. You have about $700 left in your checking account.

Wow - you went to Wales!!! That is like the one place I want to go before I die. Did you talk to any of my relatives? Most of my ancestors live near Sherwood Forest. Did you go near there? I hope you took lots of photos. You better be using all of the available memory on that card.

Ice your knee after practices and games.

We are leaving for Big Wood tonight. I won't have internet access there - so I will just see you when you get off of the plane.

Today, Ellie was licking Isaiah and he grabbed hold of her tongue. He wouldn't let go. She just looked at me like, "Oh great. What do I do now?"

Pumkin just mopes around the house pouting all day.

Ashley came over today. She said you better call her when you get home. She is working at the corn stand next week.

What food do you miss the most from home?

Are you in goal much? Have you scored? Did you like playing rover? Sounds like a good position to play. Maybe you should talk to Buddy about that? :)
Gotta run - the boys are calling me. Maybe they know I'm writing to you and they want me to tell you that they miss you and want you to babysit them so I can go get a massage and pedicure next week. Hmmm....

Love you - miss you - can't wait to see you! Take care!

Good luck at winning tomorrow - I hope you guys make it all the way.

:-p Mom

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