Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hey Ash! I'm so glad to finally get a computer with internet!! Isaiah is helping me so there might be a type-o or 2...

Colorado was nice. Want to move there? The boys did really well on the drive. Yes, they cried a little, but not excessive.

OK-some tips for the camera.
Check your settings. If you are taking picts from a moving vehicle put it on the "sport" setting or "in motion" setting.
You also might want to check the flash setting.

I saw the most amazing rainbow on the way on today. I will get the photos uploaded tomorrow and post the rainbow one for you. You could actually see where it reflected off of the ground. Daddy was looking for the pot of gold!

Did you start your training today? What did you do for teambuilding? Why was the plane ride rough? Was there turbulence or just lots of talking and no sleeping?

Do you have to pay for your online time? I'll check your credit accounts tomorrow.

Love you lots!!

:) Mom


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