Monday, July 21, 2008

Think Positively

Hi Ashley!

OK - first of all - think positively. This is such a quick portion of your life. You might be miserable now, but you will have so many great memories. I'm glad you are having this opportunity to explore the world on your own (kinda) and grow as a person and as a player.

Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity? Job 2:10 Take strength in the knowledge that God will comfort you and this weather issue you are having is an earthly trial. I will pray that God will comfort you and give you strength to keep pressing on. Don't let you get yourself down.

Now - about the sick/ear infection thing. Take 2 non-aspirin (Tylenol) every 6 hours. That will help with inflamation and pain. I don't remember you packing airborne or vit. c, so - buy some if you need to. Do you have your headband with you? You could wear that over your ears. If you need more sweats or a sweatshirt - buy it. Don't stay wet and cold.

How did you do bicycle riding? Did it bother your knee? Is the weather affecting your knee?

I'm glad you think that you are playing good. You are a great player. I'm glad you are finally able to see that for yourself.

RE: the water issue. It is probably expensive, but maybe you should try bottled water. That might help your stomach issues. Keep trying to eat healthy. If you can get already cooked pasta and a pesto sauce - that would be good. Look for turkey and cheese, or something. You are a good eater - I'm sure you will find something. You might have to eat a sandwich for lunch!

I talked to the athletic director at Mingus - she said you are ok to play, but you must get your packet in before camp. We will have to get that done on Monday when you come home.

What type of souvenirs have you purchased? Was the cheese factory fun to tour?

Have someone take a photo of you in your uniform and one in goal. How is it playing mid? Are you liking it? I'll be sure to call Buddy and tell him you are getting all kinds of mid practice. Are you in pretty good shape for the altitude and stuff?

How old is your roommate? Where is she from? Are you making other friends?

Write as often as you can. I'm keeping track of your bank accounts. What is the conversion rate right now?

Pumpkin misses you!!!! He lays around and pouts all the time.

I love you! Take care. Keep drinking liquids to get the sickness toxins out of your body and to stay hydrated. Been into any coffee houses lately? Remember what Mary Lou said..... ;)

Love, Mom

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