Saturday, July 19, 2008

Update 1

Hey everyone, I only have fifteen minutes so I have to make it quick. Beautiful weather. Beautiful houses. They are all different and have many large windows. The feilds are nice, although very wet. Mom, your camera takes pictures too slow I can't get any good shots. I have made a few friends that are pretty cool. We are all exhausted. The last plane ride was awful. You couldn't sleep or anything. I fortunately, didn't lose my luggage and all wheels are in tact. Everything is green and many people have gardens. The time difference is huge here but it has not hit me yet. I probably won't be on very often but you still need to comment because I don't know what to say. Love you all and just wanted to let you know I made it safely to Holland. It is a little bit hard to breathe here and the food I just ate for lunch was by far not the greatest. Ketch you later!



Robyn said...

Hi Ashley, it's Grandma Goof and Larry. We're supposed to let you know your mother can't get access to a computer so she won't be able to comment until Sunday night. We're using your mom's account to talk to you. Reading your blog was fun. Hope your having a good time. Chandler and Cameren say "Hi". Talk to you later!

Robyn said...

Hey again, Just read your note to your mom over the phone. She told Gramps and he said to tell the trainer about the breathing problem so they can get you an inhaler or something so you will be able to play. I truly miss you knowing you are so far away. Enjoy it all! Love, G Goof.