Friday, January 23, 2009

Long Time, No See

Hey everyone! Sorry, I haven't been updating at all. Everything is going well. School got better this last semester. Last semester I had Honors English 1, Welding, Agriculture, and Physical Education. I can't believe it, but my lowest grade was in Physical Education! Can you believe that?! Well, this semester, which began in the new year, I have Honors English 2, Geometry, Agriculture 2, and World History. It is just amazing how different and interesting teachers are.

Sports: Sports. What can I say? At the beginning of the school year I started with volleyball and took a break from soccer. After volleyball, I retreated to soccer once again. Soccer is almost over; our last game is this Saturday against Sedona. I am pretty sure we will win. All of our other games have been fairly easy. And guess what?! I haven't played goalie, but once this entire season! Wow, amazing isn't it. I have been playing forward or filling in for people who don't know how to play their position and I hold the record for the most goals scored. Cool. I guess. I think I will be playing on defence most of the time tomorow so others can score as well. I am also going out for track after soccer, so I have a full schedual this school year as far as sports go.

Guess what else is pretty interesting. I have chickens! Weird. I had never suspected to like chickens. They are so ugly and head- bobbing. But now that I am around them they are great. Well, not great but funny. they always come running to me. I have 14 in total; I feel a little bad because I haven't named them yet. I have had them since October and still I haven't named them. I began naming them when they were little, but gave up when I couldn't tell them apart. I am showing one of them at the fair in May like always and for the first time in one hundred years I will be a novice! How cool is that?! I get to show with the little peeps. Along with a chicken I am showing a market steer, a cow, and a cow couple which means a cow and her baby. We have a pregnant heifer who is due in February. I am so excited. I will be busy this year, but I am sure it will be fun.

Well, no other topics are coming to mind at this moment, but feel free to ask as many questions as you would like. Keep in touch!

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