Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Motions- Matthew West

Have you heard the new song by Matthew West? I have been hearing it on Radio Shine for quite some time now and today they mentioned he had a webpage for people to tell their story and problems, so I said to myself, "Cool! Lets go check out other peoples opinions!" Well, I went to the site and found that my computer wouldn't load any of their stories or comments only Matthew's side note about the song and how it came to him, etc. I started reading and was very intrigued. I was so surprised that someone in his position with fame would share themselves so openly and tell the world about what he shared. As I scrolled down the page he changed the audience to specifically the reader. I found myself one of those people who live the lives of songs. As I read what he requested of us and evaluated myself and my life I was moved. I encourage all to listen to the song The Motions and go to Matthew West's webpage.
Also, if you have time, watch the movie Fireproof. It is fantastic! And just a side note, the actor with the part of the firefighting husband does not kiss anyone but his real wife. That is sooo kul. So at the end when they are kissing at the station, that's his real wife. Do you notice the change?! I certainly couldn't tell, but that is pretty cool. Well, talk to y'all later=)

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